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Probe One

Probe One

April of Irony Personified, my whimsical friend, asked for an EVE (Extra-terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator from the movie WALL-E) theme. EVE is also known as Probe One, hence the theme name. Also, did you know that EVE marks the first collaboration between Pixar and Apple? Pixar hired Jonathan Ive, the dude who designed the iPod, to design EVE. That explains why she looks like an iPod on steroids… FROM THE FUTURE!

I did everything to make the theme as clean and as slick as EVE, so I hope it works with her image which is from a wallpaper from Disney. It’s all a happy gathering of white and shades of gray. Gradients are sexy, and so is EVE. Am I creeping you out?


Author and owner of this theme is “Gino Carteciano” from

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